Paper titled "Fast volumetric mapping of human brain slices" at SPIE WEST BIOS 2020

Bioretics & LENS at SPIE WEST BIOS 2020 During next SPIE Bios , that will be held from 1 to 6 February 2020 in California , a paper titled "Fast volumetric mapping of human brain slices", written by LENS with Bioretics will be presented.

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ABSTRACT: We still lack a detailed map of the anatomical disposition of neurons in the human brain. A complete map would be an important step for deeply understanding the brain function, providing anatomical information useful to decipher the neuronal pattern in healthy and diseased conditions. Here, we present several important advances towards this goal, obtained by combining a new clearing method, advanced Light Sheet Microscopy and automated machine-learning based image analysis. We perform volumetric imaging of large sequentially stained human brain slices, labelled for two different neuronal markers NeuN and GAD67, discriminating the inhibitory population and reconstructing the brain connectivity.