Case Histories

Today’s computing power can be sufficient to solve some kind of problems, but not all. Moreover, there are solutions difficult for human beings too, such as searching for anomalies in medical images and take on decisions that have to do with people's healthcare.
Bioretics can help you on solve those issues.

Life Science

Lens and Bioretics participate in the long-term scientific program "The BRAIN Initiative®"

Lens and Bioretics participate in the US long-term scientific program “The BRAIN Initiative®: A Scientific Vision”

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Aliquis® running on a Firefly board

Aliquis® running on a Firefly board! See on You Tube channel!

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Aliquis® on CINECA HPC

ALIQUIS® working on the GALILEO HPC facility granted us by CINECA.

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Aliquis® on Cloud

ALIQUIS® working on Google Cloud.

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Grading and Sorting machine

One of the world's biggest grading and sorting machines for kiwi fruit processing is operative. See the HDiA machine vision tecnology based on ALIQUIS® at work!

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One-shot face verification

After seeing two faces only one time, ALIQUIS® them in real-word scenarios. A typical situation where difficulties arise quickly as light changes: people move, and glasses are dressed.

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CADx: Computer Aided Detection and Diagnosis

Early detection of breast cancer improves the outcome of the disease. Bioretics’ CADx system helps radiologists’ image interpretation and guarantee a better diagnostic accuracy.

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Dog in the garden

ALIQUIS® at work! What if a robot starts looking at the window? Without a specific target it will be engaged in detecting moving objects. And when a big figure enters in the scene… it’s time to recognize it as Eva’s dog.

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COACH: monitoring mechanical and digital meters

COACH is Bioretics’ solution for periodic monitoring of mechanical and digital meters in industrial environments.

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