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Working at Bioretics is a great experience for anyone who wants to dedicate his careers to research. We are proud of all the interns who worked here and we are glad that after Bioretics they found a job in major organizations.
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    Junior  Data Scientist 

    Scientific degree and skills in computer vision  & deep learning are requested.


At Bioretics I had the exciting opportunity to learn modern algorithms and techniques of Deep learning and Computer vision and firsthand experience their real word applications. During this internship I worked mainly on two projects. The first one was an application of optical character recognition (OCR) technology for receipt recognition while the second one was microscopy cell segmentation with fully convolutional networks. This allowed me to familiarize myself with advanced techniques of Deep learning and Computer vision such as Semantic segmentation and their most useful open source libriaries and frameworks (mainly OpenCV and Caffe). In the end, I’d like to truly thank Matteo Roffilli and the Bioretics staff for making my internship an invaluable and rewarding experience. – Alessandro Marzo


During this internship with Bioretics I had the occasion to learn the basics of state of the art algorithms, tools and techniques for Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision. The goal of my work was to train and test two different types of classifiers, Convolutional Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines, to classify handwritten digits from the MNIST database. For this I used different sets of features, analyzing and comparing the results. As a consequence, I had the possibility to get a theoretical overview of these classifiers and to explore strategies like Model Selection and Data Augmentation to improve their accuracy, with a hands-on experience.In conclusion, in addition to all the theoretical and practical knowledge I could get from it, this collaboration with Bioretics gave me an interesting insight of how Pattern Recognition techniques perform surprisingly well in solving complex real world problems.For all of that and for all the fun I had, I’d like to sincerely thank Matteo Roffilli and the Bioretics staff. – Daniele Tavernari