We are proud to offer our long-lasting research product Aliquis®, an AI-first industrial-grade software framework for developing and deploying applications that mimic human vision. Aliquis® makes available an abstract machine for interpreting and executing real-time workflows for understanding massive visual data streams through the declarative and domain-specific Aliquis® programming language. Highly optimized runtimes for Linux and Windows-WSL based on OpenCV, TensorFlow ™ / Keras and C ++ / Python / CUDA as well as the Json-RPC API make it possible to deploy Aliquis-based applications to a wide range of devices. We have developed Aliquis® with some simple concepts - patches, stages, pipelines, and hosts. These choices mean that even a single Data Scientist can rapidly implement industrial-grade applications in the field of machine vision. The upcoming major release 3, scheduled for Q1 2021, will bring many new features, first of all machine2machine APIs for operating on large scale back-end infrastructures according to the CPaaS paradigm.

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Our goal is to foster the development of Machine Vision applications both in the academic and industrial fields. For this reason we have decided to release Aliquis® completely free for both research and industrial purposes. The only limitation of the free version that we have imposed is an artificial slowing down of the execution that allows in any case to use Aliquis® in the vast majority of real use cases. For those who, like us, face against large-scale or real-time problems every day and who need periodical releases we recommend buying an industrial license or running Aliquis® on HPC facilities.

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Download Aliquis

Free research

Download the full version 2.4.3 (released on 07/dec/2019) for free in capped-mode.
Without a valid license key, this release is automatically slowed down up to 10 times. Buy the license, connect the key and unleash the full power.


Industrial license

Buy a valid usb license key and use Aliquis® for maximum performance in an unlimited number of instances both on physical and virtual machine without hardware limitations. Get more releases, dedicated Slack channel to our developers, O&M and business continuity (via escrow agreement) to power up your investment.

For public administrations that use the electronic MEPA market click here.

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We have developed a specific version of Aliquis® for HPC (x86 and ppc). For information on how to use Aliquis® on supercomputing contact CINECA directly.

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