Our ongoing research has led to the development of ALIQUISTM, a software ecosystem that mimics human vision. ALIQUISTM is in fact able to understand a real scene just as our own eyes would, and consequently make decisions based on what it has “seen”. ALIQUISTM can thus be applied to any vision-based decision-making activity.
We developed ALIQUISTM with a few simple concepts - patches, stages and pipelines - coupled with a readable programming language. These choices mean that even users without any programming skills can quickly create prototypes and build industrial-level applications in the field of machine vision.


As we said we’re passionate about research, so we created a royalty-free version of ALIQUISTM to let every researcher like us to try, modify and improve our software ecosystem.



We are always looking for new partners who are interested in applying ALIQUISTM to their industry because there are countless sectors and industrial activities in which we can help save time and money and increase accuracy.

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