Machine Learning sold out? (is there still something to invent?)

Matteo Roffilli will keep a workshop titled "Machine Learning sold out? (is there still something to invent?)" at UNIMORE, Department of Physics, Informatics and Mathematics (, 9th December 2019, at 2.30 pm, aula IV, Edificio Matematica, Dipartimento FIM

ABSTRACT: Machine Learning sold out? (is there still something to invent?) Machine Learning has now become a common tool for solving data analysis problems, so common that in various commercial brandisations (deep learning, artificial intelligence, etc.) is a favorite topic of bar discussions. The wide free availability of software frameworks for machine learning solutions (tensorflow, pytorch, caffe, aliquis, etc) it has also generated in the insiders the thought that it is enough to collect some data, insert them in the tools and "then do them", thus exchanging correlation for causality and application for knowledge. Finally, the world of industry, while riding the industry 4.0 in words, stands firm on its antiquated but very reliable systems, aware of the fact that sooner or later fashion will pass (as it was in the 90s and then for the mp3, the grid, etc.) without having much impact on current business models. In this unexciting scenario, we will see in this talk how well-grounded mathematical and statistical bases coupled with the always inescapable scientific method can be a watershed between those who ride the slow end of the current wave and who will generate and ride the next, laying the foundations for what it will be the machine learning of the new decade that is opening up.