CADx: Computer Aided Detection and Diagnosis

The challenge

Breast cancer remains a leading cause of tumor deaths among women in many parts of the world.
Today, thanks to periodic screenings, the early detection of breast cancer has noticeably improved the outcome of the disease. Part of that success is owed by the gold standard breast imaging technology: filmscreen X-ray mammography. X-ray mammography is indeed considered yet the most reliable method for early detection of breast cancer, but we wanted to increase precision of this system.

The solution

We created a Computer Aided Detection and Diagnosis (CADx) system to improve the diagnostic accuracy as well as the consistency of radiologists’ image interpretation. In particular, the aim of mammographic CADx is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of diagnostic procedures by using a computer system as a second reader. The CADx indicates locations of suspicious abnormalities in mammograms as an aid to the radiologist to whom it leaves the final decision regarding the likelihood of the presence of a cancer.
CADx are currently used only as a diagnostic help since in the case of doubt further investigations are performed to increase the accuracy of the diagnosis. As of today, a second human reader is replaced by a CADx system in massive screening programs.

The client

IMS Giotto SpA